Our Vision 

Innovation Depot envisions a world where technical tools and resources meet the environment. We are the one and only incubation, acceleration hub, that is posed and staged to provided unmatched support to every industry in technology. 


How we Work

We have dedicated a 120,000 square feet smart facility to ensure the necessary scalable requirements needed, to meet our evolving community. Equipped with multiple labs, conference rooms, event space, gym, restaurant, pragmatic programming, and world-class partnerships, we have assembled a formidable team of advisors and staff needed to start or grow every form of innovation in a company. The facility is comprised of three core participation models:

1. Innovation Suites

2. Innovation Labs

3. Innovation Co-work Space

Get in touch with us

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Innovation Depot

16800 Imperial Valley Dr Suite 280 Houston, TX 77060

Tel. ‭(800) 440-1467‬

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